Who's Who


Rosie and GracieOur two donkeys, Rosie and Gracie, joined Tyddyn Iolyn in July 2007.


Their previous owners had rescued them from a children’s petting zoo and restored them to good health.


Rosie is the chocolate brown, smaller donkey who was born on 1st November 1999 and Gracie is the grey donkey born on 1st January 2001.


Both are friendly, curious and sociable and you are welcome to visit them. They have never been known to bite, but please note that children must always be accompanied by an adult, as all animals can be unpredictable and we cannot accept responsibility for any accident or injury sustained. Donkeys can kick so it is recommended not to stand behind them. They often have a ‘mad half hour’ in the evening, during which it is best to leave them alone as their brakes are not good! Please do not feed them without asking first as they have tendency to get fat.

murphyMurphy is our latest member of the family born on the 2nd May 2014. He is a Border collie of sheep trialling champion winning parents! Murphy is very friendly and always looks forward to new guests for attention seeking petting and fun.


Murphy is completely friendly but please be aware if first introducing him to your children or own best furry friends!


We are the proud proprietors of Tyddyn Iolyn and you may see us about as we live on the farm. We moved from London in 2014 and always welcome a chat or hello as you wander the property looking into all that is weird and wonderful about Tyddyn. There are very few places on Tyddyn that are inaccessible but we will have discrete signs letting you know!


If you have any questions or need some help please feel free to knock on the main farmhouse door or call us on +447743 322 909 if you don’t see us about.